Time (Time)

Adverb (Adverb)
again again
already already
never never
not anymore not anymore
not yet not yet
now now
one more time one more time
today today
tomorrow tomorrow
yesterday yesterday

Adjective (Adjective)
early early
fast fast
finished finished
first first
last last
late late
slow slow

Verb (Verb)
start start
stop stop
wait wait

> Days Of The Week (Days Of The Week)

Noun (Noun)
Friday Friday
Monday Monday
Saturday Saturday
Sunday Sunday
Thursday Thursday
Tuesday Tuesday
Wednesday Wednesday
day of the week day of the week

> General (General)

Noun (Noun)
beginning beginning
calendar calendar
clock clock
end end
future future
moment moment
past past
present present
time time

> Months (Months)

Noun (Noun)
April April
August August
December December
February February
January January
July July
June June
March March
May May
November November
October October
September September

> Seasons (Seasons)

Noun (Noun)
autumn autumn
season season
spring spring
summer summer
winter winter

> Times Of Day (Times Of Day)

Noun (Noun)
afternoon afternoon
evening evening
forenoon forenoon
morning morning
night night
noon noon
time of day time of day

> Units (Units)

Noun (Noun)
day day
hour hour
minute minute
month month
second second
unit unit
week week
year year

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