Space (Space)

Adverb (Adverb)
at the bottom at the bottom
at the top at the top
away away
back back
back and forth back and forth
down down
here here
in the back in the back
in the front in the front
inside inside
into into
left left
out of out of
outside outside
over there over there
right right
there there
up up

Adjective (Adjective)
angular angular
big big
closed closed
far far
high high
long long
low low
narrow narrow
near near
open open
round round
short short
small small
wide wide

> Movement And Position (Movement And Position)

Verb (Verb)
arrive arrive
come come
drive drive
fall fall
fly fly
go go
hang hang
jump jump
leave leave
lie lie
rise rise
run run
run fast run fast
sit sit
sit down sit down
stand stand
walk walk

> Moving Objects (Moving Objects)

Verb (Verb)
bring bring
carry carry
get get
hold hold
lay lay
pull pull
push push
put put
set set
turn turn

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