Human (Human)

> Body (Body)

> General (General)

Noun (Noun)
arm arm
belly belly
body body
breast breast
finger finger
foot foot
hand hand
head head
leg leg
neck neck

> Head (Head)

Noun (Noun)
ear ear
eye eye
face face
hair hair
lip lip
look look
mouth mouth
nose nose
tongue tongue
tooth tooth
voice voice

> Clothes (Clothes)

Noun (Noun)
clothes clothes
dress dress
glasses glasses
hat hat
hole hole
jacket jacket
shirt shirt
shoe shoe
skirt skirt
sock sock
sweater sweater
t-shirt t-shirt
trousers trousers

> Family (Family)

Noun (Noun)
aunt aunt
brother brother
brother-in-law brother-in-law
cousin cousin
daughter daughter
family family
father father
granddaughter granddaughter
grandfather grandfather
grandmother grandmother
grandson grandson
husband husband
mother mother
nephew nephew
niece niece
parents parents
sister sister
sister-in-law sister-in-law
son son
uncle uncle
wife wife

> Feeling And Evaluating (Feeling And Evaluating)

Noun (Noun)
anger anger
fear fear
grief grief
guilt guilt
happiness happiness
hunger hunger
joy joy
shame shame
thirst thirst

> General (General)

Noun (Noun)
boy boy
child child
girl girl
human human
man man
name name
people people
person person
woman woman

> Social (Social)

Noun (Noun)
boyfriend boyfriend
friend friend
girlfriend girlfriend
group group
hatred hatred
kiss kiss
love love
relationship relationship

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